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* chrome hardware. * standard serial number plus additional info As soon as you have received a SpectorSoft Purchase email with a serial number , you can download Spector Pro from the SpectorSoft web site. Before you begin,   Style: Double Cut; Body Type: Solid Body; Brand: Spector; Case/Gig Bag: None; Country/Region of Manufacture: Indonesia; Serial Number: WR19070659. 1. Make & Model · Year Year (optional) · Serial Number · Cutaway Options? No Cutaway My instrument does not have a cutaway; Leave Cutaway Open My  Serial number: W131217 Case: Soft case / Genuine Manual: None Other included Item: None Remarks: Other accessories are only those shown in the image. Tipo de carrocería: Sólido, Tipo: Electric Bass.

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Looking the serial number list, Filed in August 24 (1977), the SPECTOR covers FINANCIAL SERVICES-NAMELY, OPERATING AN EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION SPECTOR Trademark - Registration Number 1088306 - Serial Number 73138716 :: Justia Trademarks Approximate Serial Numbers Year 0001 – 0052 2008 0001 – 0912 2009 0001 – 0575 2010 0001 – 2011 Speaker Cabinet Serial Numbers. The serial number of an speaker cabinet is located on the back of the cabinet in the upper right corner. All cabinet serial numbers begin with the code “SPK” and are followed by the two digit year prefix. Help me identify this Spector bass I scored at a pawn shop. I feel like I just hit the jackpot. Where I live, we have a very well known gun store / pawn shop that is 90% guns, 10% everything else.

Use our Czech Archived Import Model Sheet on our site & use the bass specs to determine the years of production. Note: some early SSD Czech models may not have a serial number.

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Would this be an upgrade to what I have. I will try to get pi USA models usually have at least a serial number on the back of the heastock.

Spector serial number

M12™ M-Spector™ digital inspektionskamera 360° M12 IC

Would this be an upgrade to what I have. I will try to get pi USA models usually have at least a serial number on the back of the heastock. since 1992, even more info is included on the back of the USA headstocks, hand signed and written by Stuart.

So the serial number "02112777" would indicate a guitar produced the 2nd day of November in 1982 OR 1992 and was the 777th guitar off the production line. Like some other serial schemes, this one may require you to know something about the ESP guitars of the period because the "Y" digit could mean multiple years. Spector is a guitar manufacturing company. It has been based in Woodstock, New York since 1987.
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This is the only official spec information available for these older basses. Made In The Czech Republic Made In Korea Made In China and Indonesia. USA Series.

Badass bridge.
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Extreme Spotify Galore - Extended - faktiskt.io • Visa tråd

Identifying your Spector bass model by the serial number is easy to do, but it more often revolves around the printing style than the number itself. SPECTOR serial numbers are presented here. No registration.

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USA Series. Learn about USA Serial Numbers The serial number for my Spector Euro 5 is: NB7004 I have serial numbers very close to yours (NB63XX, NB72XX & 73XX) and according to Spector the first is a 2007 while the last two are 2008s, so as yours is much closer to the last two it would likely be a 2008 build. In the right pane, select the serial number you wish to register. If you are adding a new serial number, see Adding a Serial Number. In the left Task Navigation pane, click on Register Serial Number - OR - Click the Register button on the toolbar - OR - Right-click in the right pane and select Register. Look on the back of the headstock for a serial number on all other basses.