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var id = document. getElementById("31");. id.addEventListener("click",function(){ 4 Jun 2010 How to pass runtime variables to Javascript function on onclick event form struts   30 Jan 2014 onclick javascript pass this object. Below is demo html which will show you how to pass this object to javascript function and get id of it:. var result = {name: 'hello'}; function gotoNode(name) { alert(name); }. Edited: If the fromNow() + ' showOffline(){ this.props.offline() } You want to access the value of id in showOffline function. What you can do is this, Blazor enables you to handle HTML events such as onClick events via event handlers. You can use lambdas to capture values (for example in a loop) and pass them on to your event handlers.

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function addFav(id){ $.ajax({ url: "misc/favAdd.php", data: { id: id}, success: so by passing an anonymous function to bind , and within the body of that function,  insertBefore(element, firstScript); function makeStub() { var